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When you work with Veracity WC, you get a single point of contact -- the writer, creative director, and account manager  are all named Scott Sandman.  Managing the complexities of your enterprise is hard enough.  When you entrust your project to VWC, you collaborate directly with the maker -- not the manager.    You get value-adding simplicity, transparency, flexibility and responsiveness.   And the only surprises are results that surpass expectations.

The process

The co-creation process that is the Veracity hallmark works however the client needs it to work.  Flexibility is a core competency of a professional communicator.  Your time is valuable -- it's up to me to be quick on the uptake and turn your input into compelling, inspiring output.  Being a great listener is paramount. 


Sometimes, the objective is clear, but the path is not.  I'll do the research and come back with ideas.  Together, we'll choose the right  approach  and create the solution.

Transparency and value

We've all been there. When your lawyer or consultant bills you by the hour, the numbers are always a mystery until the invoice appears. 

VWC isn't a firm, it's a person.  We'll sit and talk about the scope of your project; your needs, desired outcomes and factors such as research, deadlines, and length.  We'll work out and agree on a fair price ahead of time -- no guesswork, no surprises; just a great product at reasonable cost. 

Veracity - keepin' it real

In another 10 or 20 years, AI will be able to produce the compelling, resonant words, stories and strategies it takes to differentiate brands, influence opinions and engage audiences. Until then, give me a call.   


Your stakeholders, clients and customers are bombarded with second-rate, generic content every day. Winning hearts and minds takes ideas and words that rise above the noise. With a few minutes of your time, I can express your ideas in the specific words, tone and diction it takes to get noticed, read and remembered.

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