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Pro speechwriting can help you make the most of your in-person and virtual speaking opportunities.  


I specialize in collaborative speechwriting -- turning your thoughts into compelling, resonant words -- in your voice, customized to your audience.


I’ve written dozens of celebrated talks that have influenced, engaged and inspired audiences all over the word.  Business conferences and symposia, funny remarks for social occasions, wedding speeches, personal eulogies -- if you're on the hook, I'm on-call.

  • Collaborative topic development and research

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Coaching


All companies face change, implement new strategic approaches, and have a need to retain and grow top talent. I can deliver the plan, write the messaging and help you achieve the results you want.


From conception to execution, I'll  ask the right questions about your project or initiative.  I'll work with you and your team to gain an understanding of your goals and your internal and external audiences. Then I'll build the custom  communications plan and inspired message platform to bring those goals to fruition.

  • Strategic communications discovery and planning

  • Channel analysis and targeting

  • Messaging development and articulation

  • Writing and tactical execution


A picture might be worth a thousand words, but the right words and the right stories can magnify the impact of that picture tenfold; or paint an entirely new one.

I custom craft purpose-driven, compelling copy to suit the broad spectrum of communications channels and platforms. I can provide the words to propel your product, idea, image or brand.

  • New brand discovery and articulation

  • Ad copy, taglines, 

  • Website copy

  • Scripts for videos and podcasts

  • Standout industry and niche-specific articles

  • Thought leadership articles and advertorials

  • Press releases, ghostwritten op-eds, guest columns, blog posts

  • Executive and professional bios

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