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Words that compel action are essential -- whether you are marketing a product or service, nurturing a team culture, conducting training or attracting investment.  What you have to say is only as compelling as the way you say it.


From the Fortune Global 100 to upstart fashion designers, I've helped companies articulate their value proposition, achieve a differentiated brand identity and promote and achieve the employer brand and team culture that drive sustainable success.      


From high-stakes keynotes to humorous dinner remarks, world-class speechwriting makes the most of your in-person opportunities to enhance your brand and build you thought leadership reputation. 


I’ve provided high-profile clients with authentic, voice and audience-specific speeches that have influenced, engaged and inspired audiences all over the word — from the National Press Club to industry-specific events, conferences and symposia on four continents.


From ads to marketing collateral to announcements and articles that define your products, campaign or enterprise ethos -- Veracity wordcraft helps clients discover and articulate their brand essence.  A picture might be worth a thousand words, but the right words can magnify the impact of that picture tenfold; or paint an entirely new one.  

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