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"Scott's ability to immerse himself in someone's vision, voice, and values then articulate them beautifully and authentically is a rare talent. He a natural creative who writes with empathy and purpose.  In just a single short conversation, he was able to discover what he needed to know -- and the results were great.

Cesar Galindo

Designer, Creative Director

"At BASF, Scott was a consummate professional in the communications field... He was expert at writing speeches and prepared remarks. He worked very well at getting senior executives into position to get positive external exposure.  Scott worked very well across functional areas and always displayed a lot of determination."

Joe Breunig

Fmr. Exec. VP

BASF Corp.

"Scott is a first-rate writer who applies his  inquisitive analytical mind and creative soul to great effect.   He has a unique ability to convert complexity to clarity, and  express a vision in inspiring ways." 

Brendan Burns


Professor, Columbia Business School

Scott brought his unique perspective, deep understanding of policy, and broad sense of humor to the difficult job of political speech writing. When we worked together, it was common to see Scott translate the latest headlines and current events into easy to understandable language. But that's only half the challenge. Scott was also able to apply humor and relate-able anecdotes so the audience stayed in the moment during the speech. Scott responds well to pressure situations and produced time after time.

Patrick McCarthy

Fmr Press Officer

NY Executive Chamber

“Scott's resourcefulness, extraordinary command of the English language, ability and willingness to collaborate and remarkable versatility were of enormous value to me and to the Executive Chamber as a whole."

George E. Pataki

Fmr NY Governor 

"Scott is a dedicated and talented professional who consistently delivers outstanding results. His creative abilities allow him to step out of the box and understand complex problems and communicate them in ways that are both relatable and appreciated. He has a unique ability to bridge the gap between technical expertise and effective collaboration. He
In addition to his professional skills, Scott is a person of integrity, reliability, and a pleasure to work with. Scott is someone I consider a conscious leader with exemplary moral character."

Cassandra Skidanov
SF Client & Community Engagement Lead

Freddie Mac

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