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Scott O. Sandman, Principal

Veracity Wordcraft and Communications

"Over the course of a unique and varied professional communications career, I've had the opportunity to materially contribute to the success of a global Fortune 100 powerhouse, a three-term governor of New York State, military generals in war and peace time, and several emerging and established businesses from fashion designers to niche marketing agencies. 

During this journey, I've developed, refined and effectively applied a broad array of value-creating professional communications capabilities.  Please consider me at your service."


"Scott's ability to immerse himself in someone's brand ethos, values and aspirations and articulate them in language that resonates with the target demographic is amazing. He's a natural creative able to apply that talent in very practical ways. That he was able to articulate my brand vision so definitively having no background in fashion is remarkable and rare."  

Staci Snider

Designer, Creative Director 

SNIDER Collection

"Scott brought his unique perspective, deep understanding of policy and broad sense of humor to the difficult job of political speechwriting...Scott [would] translate the latest headlines and current events into easy to understand language...and also apply humor and relatable anecdotes so the audience stayed in the moment...Scott responds well to pressure situations and produced time after time." 

Patrick McCarthy

Managing Director, Mercury.

"At BASF, Scott was a consummate professional in the communications field...He worked very well at getting senior executives into position to get positive external exposure.  Scott worked very well across functional areas and always displayed a lot of determination."


Joe Breunig

Fmr. Exec. VP

BASF Corp.

“Scott's resourcefulness, extraordinary command of the English language, ability and willingness to collaborate and remarkable versatility were of enormous value to me and to the Executive Chamber as a whole."


George Pataki

Governor of New York 1994-2006

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