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In ancient Greek Mythology, a hoof strike by the winged stallion Pegasus gave rise to the Muses’ wellspring -- source of artistic and creative inspiration. 

Also celebrated for empowering Bellerophon to defeat the bloodthirsty, fire-breathing Chimera, Pegasus later served Zeus and Athena on Mount Olympus —  entrusted as the bearer of Zeus’ thunderbolt.  So grateful for his loyal service was Zeus, that he immortalized Pegasus as a constellation.

The ideals and values evoked by the mythology of Pegasus align with those of Veracity Wordcraft and Communications. We empower clients by tapping into the inspiration at the heart of their enterprise and brand. We revere and uphold their trust —  a reliable and highly capable partner fully committed to their goals.  The Pegasus wings featured in Veracity’s brand-mark symbolize that commitment, as well as our desire and ability to propel clients to new heights of success.  

Many thanks to Bayondai Design, LLC for visually capturing the Veracity essence.

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