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Rider assumes all risk

Welcome to the Veracity Blog. As most of you know, I recently “hung out the shingle,” as They say. Like most pivotal milestones in life; wholly committing oneself (and one’s family) to earning a living in the great American meritocracy is both thrilling and scary. In the plus column, it’s a mountain of fresh pow-pow (that’s untrodden territory, for you non-riders) —a free run at quinquagenarian re-invention; a late-inning swing at the 3-2 fastball of fulfillment and satisfaction; a chance to achieve that heretofore elusive oneness of who I am and what I do for a living. In that respect, it’s all dopamine and goose-bumps.

On the other side of the ledger is uncertainty. Not doubt, necessarily — I’ve logged enough wins at this point on the arc to counteract (or at least effectively obscure) my natural proclivity to under-estimate my abilities. Uncertainty — it’s hard to tell, here at the outset, if the marketplace has room for or interest in my services.

Are my clients — leaders and businesspeople who recognize the power of essential truth to inspire action — out there? Veracity Wordcraft and Communications is my bet that they are; that I can connect with them, and that I can help them discover and purposefully express the essential, inspiring truths at the core of their enterprise. The latter piece of that trifecta, I know to be a sure thing. The first two are less certain propositions, but as They say — “you gotta be in it to win it.” So, admittedly mixing my sports metaphors, I’m dropping in…

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