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Fun facts

about Veracity WC's Scott Sandman:

Fairleigh appropriate

Served on the Advisory Board of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise while in the employ of the world’s largest chemical company (it was actually a quite sensible and value-adding fit).

Late Night bite

Wrote 20 percent of a David Letterman Top Ten list.   "You can't do those kind of jokes."  "What kind can we do?"  "I'll send you a couple of examples."  "About those examples..Dave actually liked them, can we use them?"  "For sure." 

So what do you want, a medal?

Was awarded the New York State Defense of Liberty Medal with WTC device for his crisis communications performance in the aftermath of 9/11; but as a civilian, had no uniform to pin it on.  Still not sure what to do with it.

Polar fare

Was so hungry on a media escort trip to the Polar Ice Cap in Greenland, he willingly devoured two sizzling slabs of grilled musk ox (thanks, Bob Bullock).

Welcome to the Grand Delusion

Taught himself guitar and began playing and singing publicly at an age when most people are scheduling their first colonoscopy; noted musicians have effusively lauded his troubadourial stylings as “half-way decent,” and “not totally offensive.”

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Idle worship

Swooned in the presence of Diane Sawyer (a couple of decades his senior), in an unexpressed, professional-setting-appropriate, non-creepy way.

Defying demographics

Enjoys the somewhat incongruous sporting pair of snowboarding and golf, and once did so on consecutive Colorado days. “Gnar-gnar, Mrs. Haverkamp!”

Boys in the Hood

Once got a direct phone call from Andy Rooney, answered his question and then co-waxed nostalgic about growing up in Albany -- for every bit of ninety seconds.


Remains the tallest and butchest Editor and President ever of Plattsburgh State’s literary annual, Z. Platt Almanac — so far as he knows.

Peace through comedy

Conceived, story-boarded, wrote the script and performed in Gov. Pataki’s 2005 satirical "rebuttal" skit for the annual Legislative Correspondents Association Show, deemed "genuinely funny" and "a showstopper" by the NYC media (okay, it was the New York Sun, but still...). The NY Times also had positive things to say, but used less quotable superlatives.

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