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Creative copywriting, speechwriting and compelling content to connect, inspire and engage


Scott Sandman

Writer, Strategist, Storyteller

Veracity WC

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Informed by a broad, colorful 30-year career as a communications strategist, in-house writer and spokesperson, I’m a full-time consultant and freelance writer of brand-driving strategic editorial content.


The skills and insight I acquired in key writing-intensive roles with a Fortune Global 100 manufacturer, the Governor of New York, a $3 trillion government supported enterprise (GSE), and three government agencies, now serve a diverse mix of disrupters, innovators and winners in a variety of sectors.


I provide my clients with strategic planning, messaging, copy and narrative content custom-tuned to resonate with their relevant audience(s) and stakeholders -- words that powerfully convey and define their brand, mission and values; words that transcend the tiresome daily drone of the bland and ordinary. Veracity WC is your one stop source for strategically aligned, inspiring copy, content and ideas worthy of attention in a world of distraction.


Let’s schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your communications goals and how I can help you reach them. 


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